Support for *.pfm file format - MPCDI mapping?


Was recently trying to troubleshoot a challenging mapping (calibration made with VIOSO, rendering/mapping with unreal engine ndisplay), and eventually realized *.pfm was a float format for points, which I was able to visualize as pointclouds in TD, converting the files to *.exr with photoshop to be able to open them in TD.

First RFE would be the ability to open and even save pfm files directly with TD!

And second RFE, since MPCDI is an open standard ( it would be wonderful if it could be supported in TD, much like Unreal Engine nDisplay does.

Thank you!


+1, moving towards feature parity with nDisplay would be great.

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+1 - would be awesome to debug complex mapping challenges :slight_smile:

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+1 MPCDI support would be awesome!