Support for Stereo IR70 hand tracking

Wanted to explore advanced hand tracking. What might be possible beyond simply using an Azure Kinect.

I assume this means the LEAP controller. (now owned by UltraLEAP)

But on the official site I notice another product called Stereo IR 170.

First question

Is this supported in TD?

Secondly trying to get an accurate comparison to the older LEAP controller. What additional features does it have?

And lastly, where to purchase in Canada. I see Mouser electronics listed as 1 of 3 US vendors. Want to make sure if purchased I will receive in a timely fashion, not 6 months from now. Has anyone purchased anything from their online site?

We have done no work to support this, we are currently supporting Leap Motion’s Orion 4.0 SDK as the latest. I ‘think’ this device is from the UltraLeap part of the company, so it could very likely use a completely different SDK or driver set.

As their website currently only lists it as evaluation and development, it doesn’t even tell you what SDK developers need to make it work. If you find more information on that we’d like to hear about it.

Thanks Ben. Yeah pretty scarce on info. Specs seem quite similar with only a roughly 10% increase in range detection for the IR70. Might make more sense for me to just purchase the older LEAP.

Hi @art3mis I was looking to explore some of these controllers also. Did u land on any particular device or can u recommend anything? I guess the newer IR70 is still not supported by TD?

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