Support proper trackpad navigation and value editing

Hello community!

I find myself working on my Macbook without a mouse quite often. I find the Network pane navigation frustrating, since I have to click (press down on the trackpad) and move to pan around. A much easier model is to support two-finger panning such as Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

Zooming would be performed with Cmd+Two finger up or down (same as scroll gesture) and the two-finger pinch like in touchscreens.

Also I can’t find a way to edit value inputs using the “wheel”, like with the middle click of a mouse.

Thank you!


This would be awesome!

I’ll give a try to create custom mappings using BetterTouchTool for the trackpad and report back.

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My trackpad started to behave erratically so I swapped to mouse with extra buttons and gestures. Not coming back.

Obviously using a mouse is better, but it’s only so because TD has atrocious support for trackpad :laughing: this post had 0 attention so it seems it won’t ever be implemented.

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That’s quite unfortunate. I still don’t enjoy the zoom in/out with the mouse wheel even after tweaking the parameters. Pinch + drag at the same time would be the best navigation UX possible no doubt. The major thing I miss from the trackpad is that interaction, moving on Ableton Live has become very awkward changing to mouse.

Perhaps I can suggest using Alt/Opt+Right click+Pan, I find that way of zooming a lot more natural. Or middle mouse click+pan. In terms of trackpad, the reality is that it’s just not usable with TD. Any trackpad users need to get a mouse :upside_down_face:

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It’s more natural, yes. Only thing is that I have right click + gestures mapped on BetterTouchTool (undo, close and so), and the middle click is too hard. I may try to bypass the mouse gestures but got too used to them now.

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