Swapping Between Blob Tracking and Noise

Hi all,

So I’m looking to find a means to switch between two data sources, one being a two-channel Noise CHOP with a tx and ty and the other being the u/v position of blobs from the Blobtracking TOP. Originally I wrote a small script that flipped between them, but it proved to be quite jittery. Would anyone have a means to do this?


Hi there, could you use a switch CHOP? Rename the channel names so they are matching and maybe use a combination of lag and feedback to smooth the transition. I don’t know the scope of what this patch does in your project but this could be one way to do it!

I totally forgot to mention this but I want it to switch when there’s no blobs to be tracked. So essentially, when a blob shows up, it will use the blob as positional drive and if there’s no blob it swaps to the noise. So no manual swapping.