Sweep SOP Closed Shape Start and End Bug

Hi All.

I’m trying to create a closed loop tube by sweeping a circle sop over some looped polygon geometry created with a script sop (a simple circle for demo purposes), I am using the ‘Skin output with auto close’ option to mesh and close the sweep. TD gives an error (see below) if the start and end points are the same. Can anybody explain this behaviour or is it a bug? I don’t see a reason why geometry cannot be swept if the start and end points are the same.

Making the start and end points not the same with the ‘autoclose’ settings creates some unwanted uv interpolation (see below). This would be solved if TD didn’t create an error and swept the points regardless of their position. Any help to fix this or help me solve or work around it would be appreciated.


Note: Using the autoclose skin setting creates some strange wireframe bug that could be investigated, it looks like this. (this may be unrelated to my problem, but thought it might be worth mentioning)