Switch 3 Monitors outputs in one container at same time


My knowledge of touch designer is still low, so a simple question. I want to make a video switcher, but not with one monitor output. But with multiple movie files into one container sent to multiple monitors.

Simply put: 3 moviefile go to 3 monitors, and completely switchable to another set of movies.
Controlled by buttons.

The problem is when I merge the moviefiles inputs into a container…I can no longer attach a switch to it. (Red line in the picture explaines it more clear)

I do have a working video switcher, only with some movies for 1 output.

thanks, simon

You’ll want to use Select TOPs likely to pull the in source you want into each monitor output.

Hello Malcolm. Thanks for your reaction…
But I don’t understand it, can you be more clearly?

Maybe i’m not clear: I want to use the container that the three movies are attached to (at the upside of the attached picture) as 1 input to the switch which now has a single moviefileIn.

Oh, if you are looking to use the the output of a COMP in a TOP workflow, then use an OP Viewer TOP. You can also use the Layout TOP to combine your Movie File In TOPs into a single TOP

Thanks for your reply. I figured out more in touchdesigner now, but still a starter. I will try your suggestions soon. I think tomorrow.