Switch for Parameters

Hi everyone

I’m working on my first big Touchdesigner Project.
Here a short description:
8 different animations (made in after effects) are displayed on a screen
The visitor can switch between those videos by pressing 8 buttons (each one corresponding to 1 animation)
In the background - projected on the wall behind the screen - is one big audioreactiv animation, which reacts to the sounds of the animations

And the big audioreactiv animation is where I am struggling at the moment
For example: I made a Audio Analysis base and my first idea was connect all my 8 AudioMovie Nodes to that 1 Audio Analysis Base.
But I had to realise that the sounds are all very different and need different calibrations in audio analysis tool
The next idea was to simply duplicate the Audio Analysis 8 times, but my frame rate dropped quite a bit

I wondered: Can the pressing of the buttons trigger the change of parameters?
So I only need one Audio Analysis Tool, which changes its parameters to the movie played at the moment, instead of 8 separate ones

Either, check out the presetCOMP in the palette or I might interrest you in the TauCeti Presetengine :slight_smile: OLIB - TauCeti Preset Manager

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that looks perfect!
Just found your videos on the preset manager and will watch them

When I first opened it this message popped up
I figure it shouldn’t cause any trouble, but wanted to be sure
Better safe than sorry

I look at some videos and saw that in one version of the TauCeti Presetengine you can edit the curves
Can I somehow access that feature in the newest version?