Switch TOP with build in black fade

Hi everyone

I want to add a 1 seconds black fade from one video into another, when switched via a Switch TOP.
Or some kind of transition animation, which is displayed between two videos.
I already saw another post in the forum about this.
It suggested to enable the blending on a Switch TOP and add an input between the 2 desired sources. For example a black constant and now it “fades” from one video to another through the black constant.
Problem is I have 9 Videos between which switching is possible and I want to control how long the fades takes.
So that method does not work for me.
any other ideas?

Hey @Korbinian,

you could think of the fade as a master fade. So instead of including it into the switch, add a Level TOP after it and fade to black there by turning the brightness to 0 or similar.
So your sequence could be:

  • fade out
  • change index on switch top
  • fade in

Hope this helps

The level TOP seems to be the right way here, but how is the change of the brightness from 0 - 1 triggered?
The process should be:

  1. Press button
  2. Current Videos fades to black in x seconds
  3. New video fades in in x seconds

I made a really simple version of my project for better understanding.

Fade_In_Out.toe (4.8 KB)

Try the moviePlayer in the palette. In the simplest usage you just change the path in the File parameter and it will fade out, load the new movie, and fade in.

Your null3 can be used as an index to a Select DAT that feeds the File parameter.

Maybe use a radio button from the widgets to get an index.

sadly I can’t get it to work properly
I tried around for a day but it seems I’m still to new to TD :sweat_smile:
Could you imagine adding the moviePlayer in the correct way into my project and sending it?
I understand completely if you’re not up to it
Perhaps I will try in a few days again
Thanks for the help though