Switch TOP with Timer Chop

Hello ! I am new to using TD so I have two questions related to the same project and I just can’t seem to get it done, the project is
I have this two patches that are controlled by the kinect , and the timer is controlling different stuff inside of them the thing is that the final null of each patch is connected to a switch top, but as both start at the same time, I need to display just one at the time, in the timer I have 15s so I would like to end one and then randomly when the animation ends, the next moment when the Kinect detects movement the other patch start working, I try with the fan and constant but always just display one and then when it starts again never change.
So I would like to know which way is better to do this kind of random choice to change the TOP switch?

and then my second question is just to know if is there any way to save my frames in the movie file out by reducing to a certain amount of images, because I’m controlling my record and pausing the movie file out with the image sequence option with the timer, so at the end, I have in my folder like 200 images of each…
I know I´m asking a lot but I just try a lot of different ways and still is not working the way I need, I would really appreciate the advice on how can I reach this! thank you in advance :slight_smile: