Sync to File - expansion


I’m loving the new “Sync to File” flag on the text DAT. It’s something that I’ve worked around for ages, and this is a huge addition for working with external files.

Some humble requests to connect with here:

  • Can this same feature be added to the file in DAT and table DAT?
  • It’d be great to see this same feature on the file in CHOP as well
  • with a little bit of limited testing I can see that if I’m working with an extension, if the external file is updated the extension will re-init as long as I’m looking at the component, or inside of the component, but if I’m in another part of my network there’s a good chance the extension won’t re-init. When I’ve rolled a solution from scratch I’ve used tags to indicate if a file is an extension, then reinitialized the ext on the parent() component when a file update was detected. It would be phenomenal if that piece was also handled here - so that I can work in a text editor and know that when I save the components using that file as an extension will have their class objects reinitialized.

HUGE thanks to the Derivative team for adding this feature - IMO this is a tremendously significant addition. Many many thanks.

Thanks for pointing this new feature out Matthew and thanks for implementing it Derivative … this is a massive workflow upgrade!

The feature will be added to Table DAT.

For the File In DAT or CHOP, you are just looking for a one way sync then since they are not editable? I’ll look into the issue with extension updates.

Selina - a one-way sync, or auto-update would be fab.

Thank you!!

+100 on the automagical-extension-reinit

you know I was excited to try this out but it seems like its causing me a lot of trouble,

Using it with an extension seems to remake the external into a new random file every time it inits. This means when I make an edit in my external app, a minute later it is no longer linked to the DAT.

I had a really frustrating time after realizing that my saves were not updating in the DAT as it had assigned a new external file. Clicking the edit button didn’t “destroy and reopen” as usual, instead it just opened another external file without my edits.

I apologize for the DAT linking issue, it is fixed in the 2019.18500+ builds and we’ll be posting a new build shortly.

Thank you!!