Synchronizing Multiple Femto Mega


I have to create an interactive video wall that’s 8x4 m. The idea behind it, is to use the depth sensor to isolate the human shape and use it as a mask to reveal different things in the video content.

I want to use multiple Femto Mega that will be synchronized, since we can’t find any Azure Kinects to buy in my area. I’ve seen that they are offering a guide on how to synchronize them but what i want to know is:

Has anyone worked with this kind of sensors in TouchDesigner and how are they behaving if we use multiple (around 4)?

Given that the tech behind the mega is the same as the Kinect Azure, I wouldn’t consider the sync bus a necessity unless several sensors will be facing each other or be pointing at exactly the same object from different viewponts. In my testing, the Azures are reliable without the sync bus when setup for covering larger areas than what a single sensor would. If you want to be cautious, get 2+ of them and run your own tests without the sync bus first.