Syphon/Spout in Zoom

Hello everybody,
I transmit an initiative from Mark Coniglio (Isadora) to write to the Zoom developer pushing for the inclusion of Syphon/Spout in Zoom software, to send at
Perhaps with many mail we could be heard?

Dear Zoom Team,

I am a video artist and teacher and I use TouchDesigner and Isadora for my work on stage, desktop applications for Mac and Windows used by thousands of users worldwide that enables real-time manipulation of video and audio.

I am writing to advocate for the addition of the Syphon / Spout video sharing systems as an input source to Zoom. It would be great if you could share this with someone on your development team.

While the NDI Virtual camera is one solution, it has some notable limitations: it is CPU heavy and it introduces a very noticeable delay, on the order of at least half a second and usually more.

Because Syphon and Spout use texture sharing, they have no measurable latency, introduce a nearly zero performance hit, and – importantly – are offered as both an input and and output by nearly every media server application in existence. (See a list of notable applications at the bottom or peruse the long list you can see on the Syphon home page at

Why is that important? Because theaters and galleries are going to remain closed for months because of the pandemic. Those who work in the performing arts are going to need tools that support remote performance. While NDI Virtual Input does allow input from some of these media server applications, Syphon and Spout without question a much better solution to move video from one application to another.

Both are open source and thus it is easy to prove they are secure by examining the code. Both have liberal open source licenses that would allow you to use them with commercial software. If Zoom can accept OpenGL or DirectX textures as an input – your development cycle will be quite short and thus inexpensive.

I hope that some of the points I’ve made above might cause someone on your development team to consider supporting Syphon and Spout as an input to Zoom. A huge community of users would be incredibly grateful.

Jacques Hoepffner

Some Notable Software Programs with Syphon and/or Spout Support:
Isadora -
TouchDesigner -
Resolume -
QLab -
MadMapper -