Table Copy Method in Python


The documentation on Python equivalents of Tscript methods for working with tables seems to have some misleading (or incorrect or incomplete?) info. To copy a table it suggests using:

op('table1')['r1', 'c1'] = op('fromtable').copy()

I’ve tried this with no success but discovered that this works:


This may be obvious for a more experienced Python user but it stumped me for while.



You are correct, fixed the entry. Sorry for the confusion.

Great. Thanks for quick update!

Does anyone know what one would do to make this function append the copyied rows to the end?

I cant get appendRows to work for many many rows at once.

I think you might want to use a for loop to append lots of rows:

for item in range( 63 ): op( 'table1' ).appendRow( [ item , item + 1 ] )