Table on some Chops and Tops


I was wondering, how can you generate this table on operators when they’re not automatically there?
And why are some automatically there and some not?

Many thanks!! :blush:

Hi @Tamikota,

the Table DATs you find attached to some operators are mostly required for them to properly work. For example the colors in the Ramp TOP are stored in this table. Often operators also have callbacks attached to them if their functionality largely depends or is enhanced by callbacks (like the Timer CHOP or WebClient DAT). Yet other DATs are created after certain interactions like when exporting a channel from a CHOP onto a parameter - here all the info that controls the export is stored in this Table DAT.

Do you have an example where you would like these DATs to be generated manually?


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Hello Markus, thank you for your reply!
Ok got it.
I’m that case I’m actually looking for a way to expose all references, so when I select “Export Reference” of a node to other nodes in the network.

Is there a way to list the paths or make them visible?

Many thanks!

Hey @Tamikota,

sorry, we just need to clarify:

There are 2 options:

  • Export CHOP or
  • CHOP Reference

For Exports you can loop through the channels and look at the .exports member (Channel Class - Derivative) for a (possibly empty) list of parameters this channel currently exports to.
This might be a more complete list as Exports can also happen by name:parameter syntax which would not appear in the to the CHOP Attached export table.

For References you would have to go the other way around and search, for example with the OP Find DAT, for all operators that have a reference to the channel in their parameter expression.


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