TableCOMP, any sample?

Hi all, I just discovered the Table Comp and it seems very useful, but reading the documentation I get lost.
Is there any basic sample/snippet to start from?
Thank you!

Not a simple example but maybe helpful anyways. Not sure if it still works . Been a while since I was released

@Simplo this one is ancient, but still relevant here:

I’d also check out lister… depending on what you need / want to do, lister might be a better bet (and has had more love recently)

Thank you so much!! Matthew, I think I own you a tank truck of beer, as you come in Italy! :smiley:

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Thank you Achim! I will explore it!

Matthew, what I need is to build a grid of editable fields.

Do you think that TableCOMP can achieve this tasks?

For sure - it’s easier than you might think:

edit-table-comp.tox (1.2 KB)

Thank you, it seems a very powerful tool!
Now just struggling with background colors that seems to be always gray for the first 5 cell, but I will win!
Thank you again!

Hi again Matthew, I tried to start from scratch.
Made a 4x4 tabke with integer values.
Linked to a tableCOMP and setted rows and cols to match the input table dimensions.
Modified the cell table to set all cells as “fields”.
Now I have 4 cells always gray, like they where labels, but I cannot understand where this attribute is setted.
Changing values in the table COMP has no effect.
How do your patch inserts values in the “vals” table?

Please, ignore my previous post, I get it!!!
I have to handle all internal tables (cell_attributes, vals, labels) as 1 row tables!
Thank you again!

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