TableDAT sync to file with binding

Sync to file won’t work with Binding .
If cells are bond to a parameter, modifying the value either with the bond parameter or directly in the table won’t propagate the change to the file on disc .
I was on 2021.11180 (w64) and moved to the last release ( 12360) . It is even worst as I really have some cells that are not displayed in the tableDAT viewer. It displays back as soon as I untick the file to sync option
I had quite some issues with binding TableDAT in the past. I imagine it is a tricky part to integrate smoothly in the TD engine .

Damned , same issue with a script that trigger a writepulse.pulse() . as long as cells are bond :frowning: , the file on disk are not updated .
the method works at least

Hey @pixelux

Thanks for the report.

I can confirm that there is some issue going on with the Sync to file when binding cells.

I have added an issue to our bug database for a developer to look into it.


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