TCP/IP Controller Design

Hello forum,

I’m thinking of transitioning from a controller built with Medialon Manager Pro to Touch Designer. On paper, it seems I should be able to build a custom TCP/IP controller in TD.

The functionality I’m looking for is basically that of a ‘Low Level Communicator’ in Medialon using TCP/IP.

This, in a nutshell is a plugin that let’s you specify a table of commands you can send based on a GUI trigger. These are the outputs.

There are also monitored variables which are data values you extract after sending a table of commands every frame (let’s say every 20ms). The DAT ops, specifically TCP/IP seem to be the right choice, but I’m not sure where to start.

Any examples I can look at for this?


jsonrcp.tox (15.0 KB)

This component might help you. I used it just this week to set up a controller component.
You can switch if it should be a server or client.
You then have nice callbacks to handle events that you can send via Send_Request.
If you pass it an ID, you can even send a response.

What I do for example is using the Connect callback to send a list of possible commands and displaying them on the other side. You can then use Send_Request(“my_command”) to send it back.

Thanks very much for this, I appreciate it. Which build are of TD are you using? I will switch to that and try it out

Hi ,

I want to connect BITalino to TD and I dont know how to use TCP/IP. I am using the same port and same network. but how do i request a call back code in TD.

BITalino suggests this python code but i dont know how to use it.

Have you solve it? Could you help me too?

My need is to connect and acquire Bitalino signals in TouchDesigner.
Like you, I use the same port but no segnals come…