Td 2023.11510 weird artnet dat behavior

For some reason artnet dat instead of broadcasting the artnet poll request, unicasts it to one of the device ips. Can’t share the project unfortunately since it’s rather big and complex, but hopefully the provided screenshot should be clear enough.

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That’s definitely weird behavior. On our end we always broadcast ArtPoll packets to Does this behavior happen in a fresh toe file with only an Art-Net DAT?

no, it doesn’t. That’s the problem unfortunately. I’ve tried to delete artnetDAT in my project and just to put a fresh one in the root of the project, but it doesn’t work. I can’t even recreate this problem anymore. 99% of the time I see nothing in the wireshark.

But also there are no settings on the artnetDAT that would let me override broadcast to unicast.

99% of the time I see nothing in the wireshark.

As in, you don’t see any ArtPoll packet sent at all?

yes, exactly. Nothing gets printed in the wireshark.

Is there any way you can distill the core issue in your project to a reproducible chunk and send it over to us? I’m having a hard time reproducing but I do have some potential ideas for solutions. This is all built on the assumption that the sockets are interfering with one another, which from what you described on this and the other post I do believe to be the case.

unfortunatelly I would hve to reproduce like half of our gigantic project to be able to create a distilled example :slight_smile: Also it depends on the hardware setup of having some devices on the network that actively listen to the data and send it back via dmx_in. So not sure how to give you something meaningful. But basically I also have an intuition of it being a problem of all three nodes (artnetDAT, dmxinCHOP, dmxoutCHOP) using the same 6454 port, but unfirtunately we can’t avoid it.

Fair enough.

Do you mind testing this build for me? I made some minor changes that could prevent interference between the sockets.

Hi Eric,

unfortunately the issue persists in this build, as well as 2023.11600. When using a dmxinCHOP sending from the same IP as the artnetDAT, I get no ArtPoll being sent out and the warning “Unable to specify local address”.