TD & Ableton Live Streaming on YouTube or Twitch via OBS for Mac OS

Hi, I’d like to learn how to Live Stream on YouTube or Twitch via OBS, streaming a Live video recording from the camera of my MacBook Pro 2019 (Ventura 13.0.1) and manipulating image live on TD, while producing live audio on Ableton. Kind of experienced in Ableton, but very new in TD. Please, show me the way. Thank you!

Very broad question, but as far as the logistics, you can output video from TD to OBS via NDI (I recommend OBS 27), and you can capture your Ableton audio output via OBS using either desktop audio capture or a virtual audio cable.

Thanks for the feedback. And I’ll be needing the NDI even if I record video from my Mac camera?

So, I output sound from Ableton to OBS directly (I got this) and video from TD to OBS directly and I guess there will be no noticeable latency, since both are sent from the same device, right?

NDI is just for getting visuals from TD to OBS for encoding to the livestream. Two other options to get visuals from TD to OBS are:

  1. Spout (less lag, more dropped frames)
  2. Window or Display capture in OBS (requires a TD window to be open with the visuals).

TD can capture your webcam directly using Video Device In TOP.

There’s no such thing as 0 latency, as each step of processing and sending media between apps adds a bit of lag. Furthermore, audio and video are being processed separately so may be slightly out of sync. To help with this OBS has a per-source sync offset in the advanced audio panel.

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