TD ableton midi information (filter)

trying to figure out a way for TD to read midi information (other than notes) ie: filter, volume, etc. is this possible? i’m familiar doing this with midi notes - TD ableton Midi > select > math > null. i can’t seem to figure out how to set this for reading a filter though. I’m extremely new to TD fyi, so please explain like I’m 5 :slight_smile: i attached a pic of the track in question. thanks in advance.

Hey @treywillis , here’s your solution: TDAbleton - Derivative

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will check this out later today
thank you for the reponse!

All the available info will come through that abletonMIDI component. Velocity is the value of the CHOP channels, and note pitch info is in the name. Not sure exactly what you mean by “filter”.

Best way to show what you’re trying to get is to take a screenshot of Ableton and circle the items you’re trying to get into TD.

finally getting back to TD again… I ended up using the abletonparameter in TDableton to fetch the frequency filter midi data from ableton. this opens up a whole new world for me! I’m still very new to TD but i’m just blown away by it. especially once you combine it with ableton. whew.

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