TD-Completes-Me. A Simple Auto-Completion Engine for TouchDesigner - 2020-04-30 17:20

TD-Completes-Me. A Simple Auto-Completion Engine for TouchDesigner

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WUT :exploding_head:

I loves me some pycharm but I might have to change editors for this.

Bright times for that good snake :wink:

wow! had no idea this was even technically possible. So cool. +1 for sublime, but if not honestly I’d be tempted to switch for something like this as I spend far more time than I ever expected these days in an IDE. awesome work!

:+1: Great. Really helpful tool.

Damn, awesome work - thanks so much for sharing :love_you_gesture:
I tried something similar a while ago but didn’t achieve a working system. Really nice that you managed to build this :star_struck:

+1 for sublime text.

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Amazing, awesome work!

Thanks for the kind words friends!

The project is still in (semi) active development as my freetime waxes and wanes so if you discover any bugs head over to the issues section of the repo and start up a thread. If you’ve got any feedback or features(besides a Sublime implementation. I hear that one for sure) that you think would improve the experience of using the extension hit me up via this thread or a DM

thanks again!


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