TD crashes when trying to import Tensorflow

Hello !!

I have been trying to do some neural network in TD, based on this :

But as I try to import tensorflow, TD crashes. When trying to run the tensorflow sample code directly in the python prompt, it works without problem.

My python Module Path is pointing to the location of the tensorflow module. Any idea where the problem comes from ?

I`m also facing issues:

Try workaround with emulating a server.

Have you considered calling an external python script with Popen? You can pass any arguments into that script, and get back a path to the resulting image without too much hassle.

So it seems like the issue is that tensorflow calls sys.exit() in various places, which will try to exit the calling process (TD).
To avoid this, put your run() call in a try: except: clause, so the SystemExit exception that get’s raised doesn’t get handled and quit the process.

My first setup is the same like ,it will crash when i import tensorflow

My solution is install everything ,tensorflow ,cudnn, cuda ,python

make sure your system python is 3.5 !this is very important .
and i install cuda 8.0, tensorflow 1.2
I think is the new version is not suport yet .
Good luck .

I have the same problem, I can import and print TF from python prompt but when trying to import it in TD system crash. Has anyone gotten a solution? Regards.

Hi, I had been installing tensorflow as well, I’m wondering your version of the TouchDesigner, it still 099?