TD Developer needed ASAP for ZED integration

We would like to have an stitched together motion tracking system using ZED cameras. Using 4 cameras, either all on one server or spread across two (we have a pair of identical servers devoted to motion, initially duplicated for redundancy), covering a span of roughly 25 feet. the depth of the hallway is roughly 8 feet, with a ceiling height of 8 feet as well.

Need to complete this task by 8/27/18. Please reach out to me any time day or night at (281)226-0580

AFAIK you can only connect one Zed to one Windows machine - but I remember on Linux there are more options.
Anyway a few weeks ago a TD testbuild with new ZED CHOP/TOP/SOP was posted here: … t.exe?dl=0

The servers we are connecting them to are linux. Thanks for the link.

You can run multiple zed on the same machine: … e-computer

I’m rolling out a zed multi cam installation by September 20 but if you get an extension on your project please send a message.