TD doesn't recognize my homemade midi controller XD

Hello friends ! I’m a TD Beginner and have been developing my own motion based midi controller glove with a friend (not a new idea but it’s fun) to manipulate VSTs in Ableton. It works great in Ableton.
I’ve been wanting to use it as a MIDI Input for TD so I can also control simple generative graphics I’ve been making by following tutorials, but … alas… TD does not recognize my homemade device.
I can’t seem to find any videos or articles about connecting and mapping custom devices to TD (only custom MAPPING of commercial devices).
Please help! Much thanks in advance!

MacOSX 13.6
MacBook Pro 2019 (16in) Intel i9
Touch-Designer Non-Commercial 64bit 2023 11340
Device software on custom microcontroller : C
Device driver/desktop interface : C++ & Java (Processing)

Hi @hel1x,

Not sure if you went through the steps already but to access a Midi Device, you will have to create a new mapping in the MIDI Mapper Dialog. There is no need to actually assign a MIDI Map but currently a Device ID needs to be assigned and a In Device needs to be selected for it.

If you already ran through this, do you mean that your device does not show up in the “In Device” dropdown?