TD freezing when closing / VST3 Chop / ZigSim

Mac / Build 2023.22600

Hi, i use a VST Chop and everytime i close the patch, it hangs up with a spinning beachball. The VST Host example from the palette opens and closes just fine (no hangup).

  • It is the case with two diffferent VST3 Plugins i tested.
  • it is not the case when no VST Plugin is loaded into the chop yet
  • it is the case when a plugin is loaded and then unloaded again befor closing the patch.

I use an OSC In Chop as well to trigger the VST instrument via ZigSim input data.
As VST instrument, i use the free Hy Poly as in the Palette Example.

Thanks for the report – I’m able to reproduce the hang on close. We’ll take a look into it.