TD Launch Control XL device + troubleshooting questions

Hello forum people,

I did a quick post a while back on the help groups about a small device I’ve been building which would be essentially a sort of hub to easily access all the midi channels and LED feedback settings of a novation launch control XL. It’s not finished yet but I’m still getting some use out of it in my project as the sort of starting off point for my real time control channel exports.

The idea is that you’d plop that down in whatever new performance oriented project you start and add export channels directly from the component as you work kind of a thing. It would basically work like the midi map CHOP I guess but with a GUI and eventually LED feedback to the hardware device as well as extended options such as preset storage, recall and button type options etc.

So while the device is kind of unfinished at the moment, the way I have it set up is that it receives n amount of midi channels which are renamed and then exported to their appropriate slider, knob or button in the component. The first issue I’m running into however is that it’s just not taking nicely to manual exports and ends up mixing them up and dropping them when I export the channels manually to their corresponding sliders.

I wasn’t able to get that sorted out so I decided to do some python exports to the sliders instead. It’s not a very nice way to go about it because it’s slow but it seemed to work for a time.

Now I’m getting issues with the parameter CHOP which is giving me the error: ‘‘float value expected, received nonetype’’. This seems to have happened at some point after having reset my exports. The issue here is that I’ve had it set up in an identical state without getting this error but it seems to pop up if some exports are dropped and I have to reset them.

There are also times when buttons disappear from the component. It’s happened before but I can’t remember how I fixed it and I don’t know what caused it.

Anyways, I was hoping maybe I could learn something from troubleshooting all this and that someone would have some advice to offer! I’ve outlined the current issues in dark blue text DATs. The other text dats are just musings I guess in case someone’s got a launch control XL trying to figure out where I’m thinking of going with the whole thing.

fFeel free to use the device as a starting point for your own things (even though it’s kinda janky at the moment still) but definitely holler at me if you manage to address some of the issues and make some improvements to it! It would be really cool to have flexible plug and play type of stuff for hardware in TD.

launch_control_XLtroubleshoot1.1.toe (76.8 KB)

Can you let us know what version of TouchDesigner you are using? I’m not seeing the float value error, if you can give steps on how to reproduce that, it’d be good.

The one instance of a button disappearing I saw is because it got parented to the node above it by accident. There are a lot of links, so if you turn toggle off RMB->Display->Show Data Links you’ll be able to see some of your sliders are parented to others more easily.

Hi Selina,

Thanks for taking the time to reply and thanks for spotting the parenting issue! I’ll know what to look for next time and I’ll have an easier time finding it.

As for the parameter error it’s kind of intermittent. The last two times it happened were after having to reexporting channels to the value1 parameter of the knobs and sliders. I think everything returned to normal again after having closed and restarted the session but I remember also that once I got the error, making a new parameter CHOP with identical settings wouldn’t work either. Sorry, I’ve put that project on the side in the past few days but I’ll take better notes if it happens again once I get back to it!

wow, pretty usefull, do you have an update for that patch by anychances? thx

I finally ditched my launch control that was disconnecting randomly during shows or even working one day and day after I had to change all numbers to make it work depending on what usb port, serious headachs , I’m trying to organise better controls as i am master of disorganisation. So I take it you should see virtual buttons updating when u phisically turn them on midi controller? Not the case for the moment, but I will look deeper and update TD right now.

Hello Forum,

I recieved a facebook post notification thing there that someone was interested in using this LaunchControlXL component but the original file posted in this thread is seriously out of date.

I have attached an updated version.

Here is a link to a short descriptive video:

I recommend using this in a seperate touchdesigner instance and piping the channels through using TouchIn/Out when working on larger projects.

Don’t forget to set up your midi devices first!

Please enjoy,

edit: I’ve removed the file for now as I’ve decided to sell it on my Etsy store. Link to follow.

I have reposted my component for sale here:

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hi @owenkirby , really interested in purchasing the component but the link is down…

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Hi cinghio,

Here is the new link: Launchcontrolxl Touchdesigner Component - Etsy Canada
Thank-you for your interest. Hope it delivers what you were expecting.