TD, Macbook m1 and Windows

Hello, it might be quite a strange question, but here it is:
I have a macbook M1 and i need to develop some glsl 1.2 - compatible shaders on it.
As far as I understood, it’s not supported on a MacOS builds at all.
Tried to install Windows build on Parallels, and I got this setup message:

This program can only be installed on versions of Windows designed for the following processor architectures: x64

So I just wanted to ask before trying further - is it right to assume I won’t be able to run Windows builds of TD on M1 machine, ever? Be it bootcamp or any type of emulator.

Correct. You won’t be able to run Widows on that machine or the Windows builds. If you need to develop GLSL 1.20 you could use a web interface such as shadertoy, with GLSL-ES being pretty close to GLSL 1.20