TD on mac cannot save: too many open files

I’m experiencing a number of headaches trying to port a project built in windows to a collaborators trashcan mac pro. I’m getting error messages saying my project can’t save due to too many open files, but there’s not that much going on in the project at the moment, and only about 38000 total nodes, maybe 3 of which are external videos.

I’ve tried building the project up from one major component at a time, its hard to tell if any one specific item causes the issue, or if its just a quantity thing. I can’t seem to find any references to “too many open files” anywhere, any suggestions as to what is causing this?

On one instance of my attemts to get it all loaded, I hit a popup that says ERROR: Couldn’t open “”/Applications/ ViewMenui.ui" for reading: Too many open files

Can you share the file you are having an issue with to What are the specs for the machine? Which builds are you saving and loading in? I don’t think we’ve encounter this issue before.

I’m racing towards a deadline on saturday, but I’ll put a project together when the dust clears. The machine is a mac pro trashcan with maxed stats, 12core processor, dual amd firepro. I know the specs are relatively low compared to modern nvidia gpus, but there’s nothing that heavy going on, no instancing, glsl, 3d renders, its mostly playback