Td-shadertoy - 2019-12-18 12:19


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This project is the redesigned version of the Shadertoy Browser I built a few years back. The converter now accounts for buffer shaders and works for almost all shaders available in the Shadertoy API.

In the Github repo you will also find a short description of the conversion process. This can be used as a general guideline if you prefer not to use the automatic converter component and to import the shader manually instead.

View project on Github

This is awesome thanks Matt!!

@matthewwachter That’s really awesome, was looking for this!

I’m curious tho, in the description it says: “Built in TouchDesigner version - 2019.20140
But I cannot seem to find it anywhere, I’m running Touchdesigner 2022.35280. I’ve looked all over the palette, but it doesn’t seem to be anywhere

@matthewwachter Also I’m curious, what is the best way to use a shader that you find in the browser? Just selecting the operators and dropping that into an container?