TD Struggling with font families/types

I have 20 Futura typefaces installed, and TD seems to be struggling with them. For example, it’s not showing up obliques vs non-obliques, and if I select one of the duplicates, it doesn’t treat them different from the other duplicates (eg. I can only select an oblique):

The same fonts show up fine in Adobe for example:

And Windows sees them all as different properly:

It’s a bunch of my other font families that have this issue as well, but this is just the most recent one I tried using and couldn’t.

Here’s the font info from FontForge for the FUTURASTD-BOLD.otf file I’m using:


I can share the font files for internal testing also

Here’s some additional info from FontForge, this time from the FuturaStd-BoldOblique.otf

It would seem that the TTF family is Futura Std Book, which is what shows up in TD, but for whatever reason, the other apps seem to ignore that field.

To narrow it down, if I uninstall all Futura fonts, and install just these four:

TD just shows two entries for them, both called “Futura Std Book” (likely due to having a shared ‘family name’ as noted previously):

Clicking on either one will select only the second entry, and the only way to access the four weights/styles is by using the bold/italic checkboxes, rather than the font name itself.

I realize now that TD is not in fact preventing me from using certain weights/styles, it’s just making it very obfuscated and compared to how windows/adobe expose installed fonts, very difficult.

Hey @matijaerceg

Thanks for the report.

I noticed this recently with Lucida…

I don’t remember it being an issue in the past… Logged an issue for a developer to look into it.


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Thanks for the report. Yeah, admittedly the legacy Bold/Itatic workflow for selecting fonts makes much less sense these days with font families that have may different types of bolds and italics. We likely need to rethink how we choose fonts in future versions.
For now at least I’d like to differentiate a bit cleaner between the fonts for you. Are you able to point me to where you downloaded/bought the Futura family you are using, so I can reproduce this exactly?

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Will DM you a couple different typefaces that exhibit this. Thanks for following up!

So unfortunately while my fix does improve the ‘Lucida Sans’ case, it doesn’t help with your Futura Std case. I don’t think I can do futher changes without risking breaking a lot of files in 2022.20000 series.

I do have a new workflow coming in 2022.40000+ series where it will collapse all of those into simply a ‘Futura Std’ font, and then there is a new ‘Typeface’ dropdown where you’d select ‘Book’, ‘Book Oblique’ etc. That should be much cleaner, but unfortunately you’ll have to wait for that. sorry…