TD Unreal "Output is not a CHOP Property"

Hi I’m using the Unreal plugin and I’ve got it real close to working but it’s throwing the error “Output is not a CHOP Property”. So it’s reading the TOX just fine there’s just something up with the output/channel.

For context this is my first time working with components/tox files so I imagine I’m just not setting it up properly. My TOX file is just a simple Noise CHOP connected to an Out CHOP, no settings on either changed at all

Hey @regularmenthol

It’d be easier to help if you can share a screenshot of your out CHOP and how you are trying to fetch the CHOP + channels in your Unreal Blueprint.


Sure thing-

Can you try using the GetChannel node after the Get TouchEngine Output?

A CHOP is an array of arrays of floats. You first get your channel (the array of floats) and then you can access the individual samples.


Not seeing a GetChannel node. Also don’t see that in any examples in the plugin documentation

Oh I see it in the documentation now! But can’t find it in Unreal

Screen Shot 2022-05-13 at 5.23.09 PM


Edit: Try disabling the context sensitive toggle.

Yep it was the toggle, just found it. Thanks so much!