TD user required (anywhere in world) for ECG installation

Hi there,

I have an upcoming interactive installation using visualisations of ECG data. I have no experience with TD, but I am assuming it would be a good way to do what I’m imagining. I’m basically wanting to simply re-create this: … ino-e02bef
except with more complex animated visuals than in this example, of course!

If you can create the TD file that connects to the sensor, and help us to realise the visual design in TD as well (can send through plenty of design images to the right person), we can connect it to the physical sensor at our end. That way, you can be anywhere in the world and just email through the files.

This is a small project so we have a modest fixed fee. Happy to receive interest requests from professionals and students alike - you all know much more about TD than I do! Please DM to chat. :slight_smile:

Hi, I realized something similar using this device:
I think it will be very similar to control and ECG.
If you want, please, contact me at truncador72(at)