TD won't Launch with Vega Frontier

I’ve been messing around with TouchDesigner on an older computer (Windows 7, 6600K, 980ti) and everything works just fine.
I tried installing TD on another machine I’ve been using for Blender (Windows 10, 1950X, Vega Frontier) and TD just won’t launch. Shows up in Task Manager for maybe a second, then quits without any type of warning/error message. So I tried moving the Vega into my Windows 7 build and the same thing happened. Does TD just not have support for this card?

Should work. Can you report your driver version number and which version of TouchDesigner. There were a number of broken AMD drivers a few months back, but new versions of TouchDesigner should warn you if you have drivers we know have this issue.

Are you using the latest version of TouchDesigner?

Thanks, Ben; downloaded the newest version of TD a few times, but never got any warning. Though I updated my AMD drivers and was able to launch/use the program no problem.