TD won't read Quicktime Apple Pro Res 422

Hey, trying to get a nice crisp render from Adobe Premiere to play in TD. However, TD won’t load the video. Any suggestions? If this is not the ideal codec, which one is?

We can’t read/write Pro Res due to licensing restrictions on it. NotchLC is a great choice for large/high quality formats. HapQ is slightly lighter than that.
Cineform is very similar to Pro Res, but doesn’t play back well at high resolutions compared to NotchLC or HapQ

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Thank you for the message.
The problem is this: I am trying to render out 9 mins of HD 30fps.
Projected file sizes by Adobe Premiere:
HAP: 137529 MB
Pro Res 422 LT: 3340 MB

In terms of file size and quality, is there not something in the middle that Touchdesigner can offer? Or… is it normal to be triggering 137 GB files at shows? Maybe I’ll give Cineform a shot…

I dont know where you found that!
I quickly translated an mp4 uhd file of 53 201 Ko
ProRes 422 LT : 535 755 Ko
HAP : 904 114 Ko
Using Shutter Encoder, its quite the same with media encoder or myFFMPEG
I think there is a mistake in your Hap/Prores presets!

Hmm, ya, that estimate is completely wrong. At very worst case, HAPQ is ~1 byte per pixel, so the worst case compression for HAPQ would be ~33GB.
But yes, harddrive space is pretty cheap, and nVME M.2 drives are super fast. So if you are looking for quality and speed, then the tradeoff is large files. This is generally how shows are done, since as long as the drive is fast enough to read the large files, then the size doesn’t matter so much

Yes, sorry about that. It is my error. Premiere puts a prediction of the file size in the export window, which is completely wrong. I did the HAP export and got a 7.12 GB file.

Hopefully, this plays smoothly in Touch!

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: