TDA rack OSC no IP

Hi there,

We’re having an incosistent problem where out TDA connection is working and stable, but our TDA OSC rack elements are starting up without binding to the computer’s IP. So I receive the data off of the macro, but not the data out of the OSC rack element. Is there a way to re-initalize the OSC elements without having to restart ableton? Toggling the element off and on doesn’t re-init OSC, and re-linking TDA also doesn’t work. Show is running stable in v2019.14650 and am hesitant to upgrade version. Ableton rack elements have ip and port of 0 if something is wrong in our boot up sequence. Any ideas?

I can look into this. Can you give me very specific instructions for replicating this problem? Also, what TDA version are you running?

When you say re-linking TDAbleton doesn’t work, do you mean that switching “Connect” on and off on the tdAbleton master component doesn’t help?