TDAbleton 2.0 Wrong cue point in a song device callbacks

TD version 2022.28040, Ableton 11.2.6, TDAbleton 2.0, Win 11

Song device reports wrong cue point in onCuePointPassed callback when locators are jumbled in time.
In the attached ableton project I’ve created locators in numerical order - locator 1
then locator 2 then locator 3. After I placed Locator 3 in between locator 1 and 2.

When locator is passed callback sends info that locator 2 has been passed instead of 3.

Files to test:
TD project: cue_points.toe (221.1 KB)
Ableton session: Locators (17.6 KB)

Looking into this

Hi @WHITEvoid

I was able to recreate the problem by following your steps. I see an issue when creating new cuepoints. I will fix that for the next version of TDA (in the next TouchDesigner release)

As a workaround, reloading the file or turning the Connect par on the master component on and off seems to fix it. Can you confirm that this solves your problem?

You can replace the extension inside the tdAbleton master component with this if you want a quick fix. (10.5 KB)

Thanks, great to know!
Unfortunately reloading connection did not seem to be stable for me, sometimes it worked, sometimes not. But I used song component output outCurrentCuePointName as a source for correct cue point name in callbacks. Getting correct cue point name was enough for my goal.

Hmmm. If reconnecting doesn’t fix the problem it may be something else. Your example file in the original post works perfectly for me, I was only able to cause a problem by actually recreating the situation as you described because there was a bug in naming the locators (including on first placement).

So, if you are up for continuing to help find this problem, there are a couple tests you could do:

  1. open the file you posted above and confirm whether it reports cuepoints properly
  2. replace the extension in your tdAbleton master component with the one I posted above and confirm whether you still have the problem described?

I made a few tests with an extension file you’ve provided.

  1. Old extension, three locators, same scenario as I described in the topic, but I’ve tried reconnection, simply clicked on the connect parameter of the tdAbletonPackage component. It worked.
  2. Added fourth locator and jumbled them. After that order in callbacks was broken again and reconnection did not work.
  3. Updated extension. Worked for three locators even without reconnection.
  4. Updated extension. Same story for 4 locators as in p.2, wrong order and reconnection does not work.

Ack, yes, still something weird happening in there. Will dig into this tomorrow.

I think this one’s got it if you want to help verify! (11.0 KB)