TDAbleton Bug on 2021.10330 Release

I’m having some problems with TDA on the new build 2021.10330

Some MIDI channels CHOP info is not displayed on their channel but are detected on the last note data:

For example: in this image im sending kick and snare, on the chop data there is no data displayed for kick channel, but the last note data reacts to kick data from ableton


I see that the osc_in CHOP inside the component reads the data but it seems the problem comes with the ReplaceSplits CHOP

Yikes! Would you mind posting or sending your .toe and .als (or at least the track)?

I had the exact same problem. TDA dropped about half of the incoming notes from Ableton. Turning the “noteSplitter” off fixed the problem but ofcourse that’s not a long term solution :slight_smile:

Curious for the solution to this. Right now, I’m trying to get TDA to work with Ableton 11… Seems to be some installation problem with the Remote Scripts there.

I still have the problem with or without last note data active

@torbjornmartin Ableton 11 version is coming very soon. Feel free to send me your .toe and .als as well for note debugging.

@Akenbak the tests you sent me seemed to work perfectly. Very weird! Would you mind sending me your whole live set (no tracks removed) so I can be sure it’s not related to the layout.

Also @Akenbak your selectCHOP channel names are pretty hard to read and seemed to not match the notes perfectly. If you want easier to read names, you can change the Strip MIDI Prefix Segments parameter on abletonMIDI1 to 4.

Okay I see the problem. Will work on a fix and post a patch for you both test!


2021.11180 has now been posted with a fix for this and tdAbletonPackageBeta in the palette now supports Live 11. :sparkles:


The lastnote problems should be resolved in the new beta as well. Do let me know if you still have troubles!

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