Tdableton Cliptriggerquantization

@Ivan: noticing that sometimes the abletonSong Cliptriggerquantization par sometimes updates values in my ableton project on load of a new ableton session, even if Listen only is True.

In trying to code a workaround, I’m frustrated that the parameters can’t be called by name because they are [0-13] instead of None 8 bars 4 bars etc. Is getting those parameters to be intuitive names reasonable, or is there some other way I should look them up by par label instead of name if i want to set them without having to reference what order they are in?

Seems to be something strange going on with the menu parameter for quantization on startup. Requires deeper investigation, but replacing your abletonSong with this version should fix it for now:
abletonSongNext1.tox (13.5 KB)

Regarding the menu labels/values… using those numbers makes it far more straightforward to talk to Live. You can set the par via strings with TDFunctions.setMenuLabel( menuPar, ‘’). You can also use TDFunctions getMenuLabel(menuPar) to get the current label

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This was fixed in 2.0.1