TDAbleton - controlling Ableton play Button

Hello everyone, I was wondering if there’s a way to control Ableton play button from Touchdesigner.
I’m trying to record a video in which noise is reacting to a certain frequencies coming from an ableton track, and I want to hit the moviefileout record button and the ableton play button at the same time.

Hi @injimess,

the abletonSong component has a Play and Stop parameter to control the Ableton timeline.

Hope this helps

@Ivan I’m noticing that in TDA 2.0 the play / stop buttons on the song component no longer seem to work… I’ve got an installation up that relies on TD stsarting ableton, and this seems borked. tested on mac and pc in a clean session… I know the song component is connected because the nudge buttons work, but I can’t get play or stop to do anything. halp!

Hmph! Can’t replicate. Works perfectly for me with the demo set. Send me a file?

@drmbt found the problem. Will be fixed in next release.

To fix manually: Go into tdAbletonPackage/tdAbleton/TDAbletonCompBaseExt and change line 818 to say “>= 0” instead of “> 0”.

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