tdAbleton export question

I’m using tdAbleton (abletonMIDI1) to control parameters and when I export with movie file out in realtime it’s losing frames. I usually export in realtime with no issues but I guess my network is more complex on this one. I tried turning off realtime but then it doesn’t line up with the music. I’m sure there is a good work around but I’m fairly new to TD and can’t seem to figure it out. Would love some feedback. Thanks in advance!

Are you running in perform mode? The network editor takes a lot of bandwidth.

You can also use probe from the palette tools to see where your heavy nodes are.

Running Live, generating graphics, and recording movies on the same computer can definitely tax your system!

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Thanks for the reply, Ivan. Yeah, I’m using perform mode. I was using an older computer last night, but I’m going to try this network on my main computer that has much better gpu/cpu and see if I still have a problem. I don’t know why I didn’t even consider this when I posted.

I didn’t know about the probe tool - thanks, that’ll come in handy!

I guess I could always run ableton on a separate computer too if I run into any issues again. That’s also something I hadn’t considered. Thanks again

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