TDAbleton get clip name in arrangement view

Hi everyone, quick TDAbleton question: Is it possible to get the name of the currently playing clip (per track) when using the arrangement view? The Ableton Track component only returns this info when triggering clips in the session view. Thanks!

I believe that is not accessible in the Live Object Model, so thus not in TDA, I’ve wished for that before :frowning: Ivan should confirm though.

Alas, @archo-p is right. Been trying to get this for years, but haven’t found a way nor gotten a reply from Ableton about making it accessible.

I see, thank you guys for the quick reply!

Looks like somebody’s got it going in MAX, could maybe be built into a device that’s a part of the TDAbleton family?

Hi. I’ve noticed that this appears to now be supported by the Ableton API in Live 11. Both EboSuite and Videosync (VJing extensions to Ableton Live, which are M4L devices which then talk to an app, and which didn’t support Arrangment mode in Live 10) have now added support for this.

Does anyone know if it’s feasible and/or on the development timeline of TDAbleton?

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Really?! That is amazing. Putting it on my todo list to investigate! Probably a few months before I get to it, but that is exciting!

The next TDAbleton release will have the ability to track arrangement clips

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This feature is in the new TDAbleton 2.0. Live 11 only.