TDAbleton MIDI Remote Script keeps freezing Ableton

Hi everyone,
this is the second time I have encountered this issue.
I am working on a project with TDAbleton and as soon as the Ableton Live Set reaches a certain size (40+ Tracks, multiple Max for Live devices, plugins etc.), Ableton starts to freeze at some point. Force quitting the application, opening a new project, disabling Touchdesigner as a control surface in the Link MIDI preferences and then reopening the large project lets me work on it again, but as soon as I try to reactivate Touchdesigner as a control surface the project freezes up again.
Using TD on a Windows 10 machine and Ableton on a 15" Macbook Pro 2015, running Mojave.
I am on the latest Touchdesigner build and updated TDAbleton to the latest state.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Okay, I seem to have found a solution that kind of works. When Ableton freezes or crashes, I open up a new project, deselect Touchdesigner as a control surface, reopen my project, delete the TDA Master device, set Touchdesigner as a control surface again and then add a new TDA Master.
A more stable solution would be highly appreciated though. Thank you!

Have you tried adding the TDA_Ignore devices? The problem (I believe) is a massive overload of information being sent around. TDA_Ignore devices will have TouchDesigner ignore everything beyond them in a device chain. Put them in every track as early as possible and see if that helps. Post here with results, please!