TDAbleton not working inside the COMP Engine

The Ableton link is connecting without a problem in a TouchDesigner itself.

But if I put the .tox inside the COMP Engine, the connection is not working. And on the node I receive the next message:
Warning: There were errors in the component (/project1/engine1)

Firewall is not an issue.


Thanks for the report.

Could you please share the .tox file you setup in the Engine COMP ? It will be easier for us to debug if we look at the same component.


Ya impossible to debug without an example. I’d like to take a look as this is an interesting use case.

That said, TDAbleton is quite a complicated system and may be a lot to run/debug inside an engineCOMP. It’s worth considering running it in another full TD instance.

Sorry for a long answer! Unfortunately it doesn’t allow me to attach file because I am a new user.

A tox that I was using for testing is an original tdAbleton package with added chop out node with info about connected devices.


You should now be able to post your file.



tdAbletonPackage.tox (236.4 KB)

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Hi I’ll need the toe file you’re trying to load this in as well