TDableton not working on 28040

it’s working on 26590
anyone had the same problem?

Happy to help. Can you describe the problem?

One common issue is that changes to permissions have been preventing TouchDesigner from removing the old Ableton Remote Script. If your problem is with installation, you may have to remove the Remote Scripts/TouchDesigner folder from Ableton Live by hand.

thanks Ivan
no problem with installation. we found that on v28040 no connection, whereas running 26590 we have connection. So we’re using 26590 until this is resolved.
TouchDesigner running on windows11 ableton running on Mac

I’d like to help get you up and running.

Are you starting with a new project or upgrading an old one? If upgrading, have you tried with a fresh project or with the demo in Samples?

Can you send your log file? Instructions for finding it here: