TDAbleton Scripts not showing up (Big Sur)

Hi TDAbleton users / Ivan DelSol

I am running on a Mac mini M1 with the latest Big Sur installation
I am using the latest 40K TD build, and primarily have tested with Ableton 11 (beta) but the same issue persists on Ableton 10.

I’ve successfully installed the TDA Package, as I have before but I am not seeing the Touchdesigner Folder in the MIDI Remote scripts in preferences.

I hope its something that i’m missing ? any help appreciated! thank you

You are using the new ‘Utilities’ page to install? If so, note that if you have multiple Live installations, you have to choose which one to target on that page.

I have heard reports that the TouchDesigner MIDI Remote Script doesn’t show up in Ableton 11 Beta. I don’t have the Beta so I can’t fix this until I do.

If it doesn’t work for Ableton 10, that is a problem I can look into. Please be sure you’ve followed the instructions and the installer has not reported errors.

Hi Ivan, yes I installed it for both versions. I can confirm that it works with version 10. however it would be extremely helpful if I could move to 11, it has a lot of new features including one where Ableton can measure the BPM of incoming audio automatically as it changes too.

have you applied for the beta? i’m sure they would expedite getting you in on it, I could always reach out to someone, though I imagine you probably know some people there.

anyway, I’ll be able to keep working on my piece for the time being, but hopefully this is something that could be fairly simple to fix once you get in :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah I’ve applied for the beta but haven’t been approved yet. I would love to get it working for Live 11 ASAP, of course! I agree it’s probably something simple.

Ivan, could you DM me your email? Ill get you patched in with ableton :slightly_smiling_face:

I think I got access yesterday. Plan to make a move on this this week.

Turns out they went from Python 2 to Python 3, so not sure how long it will take to upgrade TDAbleton. Not terribly long, but might be a minute. I’ll post a test version when I get it working

Oh wonderful news! Yes, makes sense they used python 3 with some of the new features. Looking forward to seeing what is possible​:slightly_smiling_face: thanks for keeping me in the loop :slight_smile:

2021.11180 has now been posted and tdAbletonPackageBeta in the palette now supports Live 11. :raised_hands:

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