TDAbleton - TDA Midi Out Address


In Live, my TDA_Master is successfully synced to Touch Designer running on a different machine.

However, TDA Midi devices in the demo set still have the loopback address ( set. A a result I get no data received by TD. Inside TD_MIDI I see there are knobs for these values that are not in presentation mode. Is the output address set automatically from a TouchDesigner callback then (that would be nice)? If so, any ideas what’s going wrong here?




“TDA MIDI devices in your Live set should be created from TouchDesigner by using the Add TDA MIDI Device pulse parameter on an abletonMIDI Component. Just select the Track to put it on and press that button.”

Resolved by making the device this way.

The confusing thing is that the provided TDADemo Live Set has TDA_MIDI devices already loaded which seem like they can never work except for localhost. I’d recommend removing all Ableton devices form this learning set except TDA_Master so the best practices of the guide (always add those devices using a TD pulse) is clear.