TDAbleton - TouchDesigner Ableton Connection

Two ableton instances, one touchdesigner instance.

Tricky. I have not tried that. I’ll see if I can figure something out this week.

Very much appreciated. It seems like it should be possible but beyond my scope. But if we end up just having to use two TD instances so be it.

As it is we each have one macbook pro running ableton on it with the remotescript. Then we have one windows microatx with TD to run our video and leds with.

Hi Ivan,

Management of session mode also…

For instance, for each track, if a clip is currently running and which clip is played. Or launching from TD a specific clip in session mode.

The main idea is to be able to make that TD is reacting to live performance in session mode (and not recorded one in - arrangement mode)

Yes lots of clip stuff coming soon for session mode! You can currently see the clip numbers (triggered and playing) in the abletonTrack component.


Turns out there are some complications making one TD instance look at multiple Ableton instances. I will get to it eventually, but I have a list of other things I need to work on first. For now, you can run two TD instances and share data between them in any of the various ways Touch does that.

Thanks, I figured as much.

I will do what I can with what I have as we all do :smiley: [*]

New Experimental version (1.0.0) of TDAbleton is available! See top post for download.

There are a bunch of new features in this latest version. Documentation is in the “discussion” section of the TDAbleton wiki pages.

New feature highlights:

  • TDA_Master Max Device - Allows song name and ID. Set TDAbleton’s network port in Ableton. Connected indicator.
  • MIDI improvements - Allows sending MIDI data to Ableton. Last note pitch and velocity information.
  • Automatically map Ableton parameters
  • Clip information in abletonTrack component
  • Improve tdAbleton master Component - Report duplicate name issues. Listen only mode.
  • Improved, safer Auto Sync
  • Strip OSC address segments from CHOP channel names
  • TDAbletonCompBaseExt features - Request remote data from Ableton
  • Locators are now called Cue Points
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Experimental version 1.1.0 fixes network problems when running TouchDesigner and Live on different computers. Thanks to Peter Sistrom for catching that one early!

Wow! Sending midi directly to Ableton!
I have been dreaming of this! Especially for bypassing MaxMSP (Glad I didn’t get a chance to to dig to deep into the Osc to Midi conversion yet, means more time to do actual work;)

Experimental version 1.2.0

Ableton log file should be found automatically on connection
Log file viewer has refresh button
TDAbletonDemo contains example for connecting to 2 Ableton instances with one TD

Anyone getting an error message when changing scenes in the latest version?

Ack I see it! Will make bug fix today.

Version 1.3.0 posted.

  • Fix for scene change error.
  • MIDI pitch bend sent to TDAbleton is now a float value -1.0 to 1.0 (Newly released Max 7.3.4 has bug fixed that previously didn’t allow this)

Sweet! I thought I was going crazy as I tried it on 2 different machines. Thanks! @Ivan

@Ivan, is it normal to get these callbacks when scenes are triggered? Initially I thought these were errors in 1.2 but still getting them in 1.3.

sceneTriggered callback {‘sceneNum’: 0, ‘ownerComp’: type:baseCOMP path:/project1/Demo/abletonSong1, ‘sceneInfo’: OrderedDict([(‘name’, ‘one’), (‘tempo’, -1.0), (‘index’, 0), (‘expression’, ‘scenes[0]’), (‘ptr’, 4778742596)]), ‘callbackName’: ‘onSceneTriggered’, ‘sceneName’: ‘one’}
(Debug: line 18 of /project1/Demo/abletonSong1_callbacks)
python >>>
sceneStarted callback {‘sceneNum’: 0, ‘ownerComp’: type:baseCOMP path:/project1/Demo/abletonSong1, ‘sceneInfo’: OrderedDict([(‘name’, ‘one’), (‘tempo’, -1.0), (‘index’, 0), (‘expression’, ‘scenes[0]’), (‘ptr’, 4778742596)]), ‘callbackName’: ‘onSceneStarted’, ‘sceneName’: ‘one’}
(Debug: line 29 of /project1/Demo/abletonSong1_callbacks)

Yeah those are the demo callbacks

ok Perfect, I figured as much as they do have some info one might want to know. Thanks again!

@Ivan I also realized when trying to use a Live Set that is not your Test set, I am unable to connect to TD, is there a special setup for a new set?

Make sure that your port and ip settings are correct. If you are have both TD and Ableton running on the same machine, it should just work. Otherwise, you need to set IP address for sure. If you aren’t sure about your ports, add the TDA_Master device to your master track and double-check that way.

If you still can’t connect, send your Ableton log file, your .toe and your Ableton Set (if you can) to and I’ll take a look.