TDabletonBeta abletonLevel not giving showing

Hi, I just started using TDableton and im having problems using abletonLevel. When I’m using “Specific TDA Level Device” as an Output and select a track and the TDA_Level as a device I get the level.
But if I want to use “All Level Devices In Rack” as an Output it only works if I select “None” for Chain 1.

If I try to select “Low” for Chain1 there is no Chain 1 device I can select as seen here:

How can I fix this?
BTW: I have absolutely no experience using Ableton since the music gets produced by a friend of mine.
Also im on Ableton 11.

If you want to get the “Low” output only, you have to go back to “Specific TDA Level Device”.

Thank you for the answer.
When I go back to “Specific TDA Level Device” and choose the “TDA_Level” as a device I get values, but only for the general level of the track.
This is what I get if I select the “TDA_Audio_Analyzer” as a device:

Do I need to change something in the device over at Ableton?
I feel stupid for not getting it to work properly…
I could get it to work, if I use the “TDA_Level” device after the “TDA_Audio_Analyzer” in Ableton and solo the Low in the Audio_Analyzer. But this solution messes with the audio, since only the Low frequencies come through.

In your last screenshot, I believe you have to select the TDA_Level device in the Chain 1 Device parameter.

That said, why not just use All Level Devices In Rack, add the rack, and only do something with the Low channel you receive?

Thanks again for your advice. I contacted the poroducer and he noticed that ableton was missing the media file for the level in the audio_analyzer rack. thats why I couldn’t select “Low” for the Chain 1 Device. It now works with the “Specific TDA Level Device” as an output.

Thank you for providing such a great and easy to work with plugin. I admire your work! :pray: