TDBOY - The GameBoy Emulator in TouchDesigner - 2024-07-04

TDBOY - The GameBoy Emulator in TouchDesigner

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Oh golly what a great idea ! Now no excuses, I will lose my fat while catching some mean little Pokemon. Nice tutorial thanks a lot.

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Thanks for your comment. Let me know how the sport session is going :wink:

This is amazing and so inspiring!!! Thanks for sharing :heart_eyes:

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This looks amazing! Can’t wait to play with it! Is there support for Game Boy Advance games?

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Thx for your comment :wink: i didn’t try but if it’s not let me know and I will try to make an emulator works.
At the moment I’m working on a GameCube emulator.

(Please note that this project only works on Mac at the moment… on pc there is a problem of frame drops that I can’t fix. Maybe someone could help to solve this problem)

I wonder if there’s a different approach of integrating Dolphin into TouchDesigner instead of making new emulators from scratch. The amount of engineering effort that’s gone in to Dolphin is pretty staggering

At the moment I am trying to creat a virtual device input from touchdesigner so dolphin would recognize it as a remote connected. Then for the visual part, a simple screen grab willl do the job.

Now port TouchDesigner to Batocera

I will check if it’s doable. I almost finished the Dolphin emulator to run with Touchdesigner, it should be available next week.

I’ve published the project to control the dolphin emulator here:

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