TDJSON increment parameter name

@Ivan , I’m wondering if there’s a way we could specify a name, when adding jsonPars to an op. Either a sequence-able pattern matched method, or spec’d by list, or at the very least, an optional increment=False argument to the method that if True will check to see if a par by that name exists already in the destination op and if so, increment its digits by 1 instead of overwriting the pre-existing parameter

That seems useful and would be straightforward. I understand the increment method you’re suggesting, but not so much the other two. Give me an example of how you’d like to spec them? No guarantees, but I’m curious what would be most useful to you.

Also, the JSON objects are not difficult to dig into and edit if you want full contrrol.

I haven’t totally thought through how the others would behave, as my main functionality would be the increment option. But I’m imagining a way to use pattern matching in the same way a rename or select chop works, for example appending or prepending something with a wildcard